Shirtlessnesss is a new term used to describe the habit of going around shirtless,
   adopted  by a great deal of men  nowadays.

   That's a custom which is becoming more common through the years, and in hot days,
   many barechested men  (usually young) can be seen on the streets and even in
   commercial places like shops and  supermarkets.

   In Europe (specially in Holland and England) and Australia, for instance, many
   barechesters walk around,  enjoying their lives the best way they can.

   What's the point of going out not wearing a shirt? Well, there are many reasons. First of
   all, the comfortable  sensation that this practice can give you: feeling the sun and heat
   directly on your skin, besides being free of  disgusting sweat stains and wet, clinging

   Psychological grounds are very important too: showing a fit body is a status symbol, and
   that explains why,  currently,  men are used to work out  and sunbathe, becoming more
   attractive and continually improving threir  look. However, that's not necessary to be a
   body builder and have a "surfer's look" to enjoy the pleasures of  shirtlessness. I think
   the   main condition to do this is self-esteem and accepting yourself just as you are.
   Moreover,   slim bodies can look good, too.

   I personally  relate shirtlessness to freedom and masculinity, and strongly recommend
   that every man tries to go out shirtless in hot days, since,  of course,doesn't live in a
   strict   country like the Muslim ones, where that practice is unthinkable. Anyway, western
   nations tend to accept this custom in many occasions and places.

   Every barechester contributes to make shirtlessness more and more popular and
   widespread, for the sight of shirtless men, in several places, is the best stimulus for 
   others  who enjoy it follow suit... So, boys, what are you waiting for?

   Unfortunately, many prejudiced people around the
world dislike barechested men, but
   I'm   sure that shirtlessness will turn fully acceptable soon, and finally considered so
   natural   as  wearing shorts, which no one disapproves.

   Time will tell...