After you've decided to try the shirt-free lifestyle, the question for the novice is:
where should I go? And, of course, there will be many doubts, such as: how
people will react to my presence without a shirt? Will I be admitted

In fact, reactions vary from indifference to anger, while  a small but significant
group will give support and find you attractive. You may go to many places,
but  not to all of them. But the best advice is: feel free to experiment and come
to your own conclusions -  that┤s really worthwhile!

Furthermore, each barechester has different  limits and preferences, which
differ a lot. Experts say there are 3 main levels of shirtlessness:

1st (basic): the man appears shirtless only at home or in places where he┤s
supposed not  to wear a shirt ( beachs, clubs);

2nd (intermediary): besides the places above, the guy may be seen at other
ones, where he's likely to be accepted with no shirt,  such as: his yard, the
road (eg:  when jogging), stadiums, parks;

3rd (advanced): the barechester goes virtually everywhere with no shirt on,
and may spend days shirtless and enjoying being so. Attends places where
he's not supposed to go without a shirt (stores, supermarkets, malls,  and
even public transports,  cinemas and classrooms). His self- confidence leads
him to be usually successful, but, if he┤s told to leave, goes with no arguments,
and in the future,  avoids the places  where he wasn┤ welcome in his preferred
Other characteristic is the absence of the "safety shirt", which means an "all or
nothing" attitude: or he┤ll be accepted barechested or will have to leave, since
he won┤t have a shirt to put on, if requested to do so.

Every barechester may be included in one of them, and, of course,  become
gradually more self- confident and extend his shirtless activities, jumping to an
upper level.

So as to encourage you, here are some true shirtless experiences of
barechesters from all over the world, taken from the best   forums about
shirtlessness in the Web.

Today is the last day of summer but temps in Olympia, Washington, hit
75 degrees. I stopped at the grocery store to get my usual two doughnuts
and this shirtless guy walked past me. Very hairy chest and belly. I turned
and followed him through the store. When he got alone, I said: "It's sure
nice to see a man who is not too shy to go shirtless in public". He replied,
" I go everywhere shirtless". I said, "I go shirtless except when I am

(From Shelton, Washington, US).
I was in in Cairns until 2 days ago where it is still warm in spite of the
approach of the winter (25║ C). I saw that  the people of the region are
totally open to shirtlessness, and K-mart, Target and Big W ( the local
name of Wal-Mart) all accept shirtless and barefoot  customers. Same
goes for the shopping malls and most other establishments.

(From Australia)
March is  a fantastic time of the year in Sydney to be shirtless.
February and March are our hottest months, with temps in the 30's C
most days, and out west reaching 40C sometimes.

You can do pretty much do anything shirtless here, except see a movie
or show, or eat in a restaurant. You can ride the public transport
systems shirtless, as well as ride taxis, and go shopping everywhere
shirtless, go to our famous zoo, go to one of the heaps of the beaches
and, of course, go to nightclubs shirtless, if that┤s your scene ( you may
need  a shirt to get to some, but most guys strip off once they┤re

(From Sidney, Australia)
Today I took the train from Paris to Tours (one hour away, where my
parents live). As usual when it's warm ( 29║C today, so more than
enough). I did the whole trip shirtless and did not even bother to take a
safety shirt in my bag. My parents don┤ exactly approve of complete
shirtlessness, but have grown accustomed to it, especially as I have
always come to visit shirtless in summer for the last two years.

Today the trip was especially good. First I saw three young guys
walking together through Montparnasse station shirtless, seemingly
coming from the subway just like me. Not a common sight in Paris, but
they seemed totally at ease, wen to buy their tickets, had a drink and
boarded their train shirtless.

Inside the train, I was the only shirtless in my car. The important
moment  came when railway staff came to check the tickets. And, as
last year, not  a word was said. There is absolutely no rule against
shirtlessness in the French railways and you┤ll never have a problem
(at least from the employees) if you board a train without  a shirt on.

To get back to the station with my father I had only shorts and
sneakers on. It was hot and a bit humid, about 27-28 ║C. In the train,
I thought that I might as well end the trip barefoot too and put the
sneakers in my bag. No problem.

Arriving in Paris, I decided that I would get back home half walking and
half with the subway, so I could both take advantage of the weather
and enjoy a good shirtless and barefoot subway ride. In Montparnasse
station, I saw three other barechesters, getting ready to board their
train dressed that way.

(From Paris, France)
The weather in the UK is not as reliably warm as in parts of the US,
and as soon as the weather warms up, many more guys go shirtless
than in the US. This is generally accepted, and is seldom the cause
for comment, even in stores and in the outdoor areas of many cafes,
as well on public transport.

When returning from Spain on a British chartered flight a while ago,
there was an attractive young guy who was shirtless in the airport, as
well as in the flight until it became too cold.

Many truck drivers, as well as car drivers go shirtless. I always do
whenever possible. It is one of the great benefits of the summer.
Actually, what I always liked in the UK people┤s attitude towards
shirtlessness and barefooting. I wouldn┤t say they approve, but the
motto seems to be "live and let live". There are a number of things I
did in London first, including: first time shirtless in the subway, on the
bus, in a supermarket, in a station, on a train, in a bookstore, in a
cinema. Actually I also tried  alot of these shirtless while on holidays
in London. Best was the shirtless and barefoot subway, which I did
in London for the first time when I was 21.

Last time I was in London, I never bothered to take a shirt with me
when going around town and never had the slightest problem.
Shirtless shopping, even in the most upscale shops on Oxford
Street, was quite fun.
I am 35 years old male who live in one town in Hungary, and finally
get to a place where I can share my habit of walking around just in
my cut-offs or even bikinis, almost 6 months a year. The only thing I
bring with myself outside is a pair of very thin flip flops, and I keep
them in my car just for the case that I am forced not to be barefoot. I
usually forget shirt at home.

Last summer I entered into post office just in my speedos and
barefoot and no one made complaints. My record is straight 14
days just in my cut-offs or bikinis. Beside the fact that it presents a
usual pleasant way of life to me, it is very healthy too, so very rarely
I catch  a flu or so.

I┤m in southern NM. Voted barefoot and shirtless, and nobody
said a word.

(From US)
Have any of you guys ever been to Amsterdam during the
summer? I was there in 99 and have only fond memories. A
totally shirtless and barefoot friendly city. I spent three weeks
there and had to put  a shirt on only three times. Had shoes on
during the day because it was so hot that walking on the
pavement was painful, but took every opportunity to remove the
shoes either at night or when it was a bit cooler.

I went everywhere shirtless and barefoot and never had a bad
remark. I was in a festive mood that summer so I walked  a lot
around town and also rode the subway, tramway and busses, of
course shirtless all the time and barefoot most of the time. Best
situation was taking a drink at Mac Donald's shirtless and
barefoot. I also shopped shirtless at the Virgin Megastore and
shirtless and barefoot in several supermarkets.

I was asked to put shoes on just once at the Science Museum
because they have all sorts of tools lyin gon the ground and
don┤t want anyone to get hurt. But they have nothing against
bare chests, I saw several other guys shirtless there. I was
asked to put a shirt on only once at the Van Gogh Museum but
did the visit barefoot. Try Amsterdam for your summer vacation.
Last Tuesday (October 31) I had good shirtless experiences.
Got  a leave of absence from work and went shopping. The
morning was cloudy and not very hot, but the weatherman
said the temps would "rise like a rocket", and I believed him.

Went out at noon, wearing Bermuda shorts and a tank top, so
as to buy some clothes on sale at a department store. Took a
bus and, after getting off, took my shirt off and kept it in my
rucksack; it was really sunny and hot at that time.

Entered the store, wondering if I┤ be allowed to shop shirtless.
Fortunately, I was, and the salesclerk who attended me was
very nice and helpful. I spent an hour there, and bought
shorts, bikinis and a T-shirt. All the staff was polite and called
me "sir" sometimes.

Later, I went downtown to buy some records. Tried to take the
bus barechested, but the driver got hysterical and didn┤ let me
enter. I got off, put my tank top and took the next one. After
arriving, kept my shirt in the rucksack again and went to a mall  I┤ m used to shop. In the way, saw other barechesters ( one
dragging a bike) an dsome street vendors).

I shopped at two stores. In the first, a salesclerk asked me
what I wished, and after I replied that was browsing, he told
me to "put a shirt". As there wasn┤ interesting articles, just
bought some video tapes (with another vendor) and left.

In the second shop (of which I┤ m a regular customer), on the
contrary, was welcome and told to "make myself comfortable".
Well, I was indeed, and spent another pleasant hour listening
to and choosing many records, shirtless all the time.

It was a funny day, and I checked out once more that shirtless
shopping (when you succeeed) is a very thrilling activity! I
advise salespeople to treat barechesters well, for, even if it
doesn┤ t seem, they can be good customers (like me), spend
a lot and return to their store, when welcome.

(From SŃo Paulo, Brazil).

Hey, Cancun was great. Had my shirt off probably 80% of
my time there and got a great tan. Went just about
everywhere shirtless: in a bank, a cab, bus, shops, outdoor
cafes, on tours etc. It was such a great trip!
I live in Sydney and had no idea so many other guys
shared my enthusiasm for going around without a shirt. I
don┤t  have any friends these days who share my love of
being shirtless. However, when I was younger (in my late
teens) had a very close friend named Rod (short for
Rodrigo) who was obssessed with wearing a shirt as little
as he could get away with. As he was part Spanish, Rod
had a very hairy chest even as a teenager, as well as a
vey dark tan. I suspect he was really proud of his looks,
which was why he hardly ever wore a shirt. And, of course,
never wearing a shirt  during the summer made him get
more and more tanned! Rod was going to Uni at that time,
and I was at College, so we had long summer holidays to
just hang out together shirtless. Rod was kind of my
inspiration in regards to being shirtless.

I think back on the times Rod and I spent together during
the summers, and wish I could go back. I would go over to
his house around 11:00 AM, and wouldn┤ t even take a
shirt with me. He would naturally be shirtless when I got
there, and we┤d then decide what to do that day.

The most obvious place was to the beach. But often we┤d
drive to shopping centers, and spend the day walking
around the shirtless, looking in shops, having Mac
Donald┤s and so on. The best times were when we┤d go
into the city by train shirtless, and walk around the city all
day - we even ended up in the museum shirtless!

I was 19, and Rod would have been 18 at the time. I heard
he married 5 or 6 years ago and moved away from
Sydney. I hope he┤s still into being shirtless, and if he has
any sons, I wonder if he┤ll dish out shirtless challenges to
them the way he did to me!

(From Sydney, Australia).

Do you ever go to class shirtless? I do it all year round. I┤m
in Cairns, Australia. I'm 19 and in high school. Here you
have no problems going to class shirtless. Never wear
shoes either. Most classmates come to class shirtless too -
pretty commonplace here since the 70┤s. Teachers just take
it for granted. And shirtless students at university are not
uncommon. My dad used to go to engineering school
shirtless and barefoot, 20 years ago.

And when I hang out in town with my pals have just cut offs
or board shorts on.
I just returned from a glorious shirtless 3-day weekend in
San Diego, that must be one of the shirtless capitals of the
world. Even though the temps were in the upper 60s and
there was a bit of overcast (until noon, that is), there was
much shirtlessness everywhere.

It was prevalent in the beach communities (as would be
expected), and men go without shirts nearly everywhere
there. I saw guys on the beach, skateboarding, walking
down the sidewalk, riding bycicles, jogging, hanging out
with friends, doing laundry in laundromats, shopping in
grocery stores, including supermarkets. I even saw guys
without shirts eating lunch in casual restaurants, drinking
beer and watching sports in pubs.

I went into a beach bar wearing only shorts and sandals,
and no one bats an eye if you are shirtless. The lady
bartender struck up a friendly conversation with me as
soon as I ordered my beer. I even registered at my motel

I also noticed that you don't need a model's body to go
around shirtless.

Anyway, I would highly recommend San Diego as a good
place for a shirtless vacation.

From San Diego, California (USA).

I just returned from a mission excursion to Russia. I spent
the first day in Moscow, and was surprised at how warm it
was. Noticed A LOT of shirtless men walking around this
city and the other places I visited. It seems to be a very
normal custom of the people, and it is so common.

I saw kids playing and swimming shirtless in the public
fountains. Many were also shirtless in restaurants, on the
streets and in the market place.

It is very interesting to watch a vacant lot transform into a
thriving business center on a daily basis, set up by many
men, teenagers or young 20's, almost all shirtless. Many of
the vendors are shirtless and so are the customers. I
shopped there shirtless several times, in several towns. It
was a very good experience that exchanging business
shirtless was never a problem.There, I promise you,it  is so
normal that I doubt many even consider it an issue or think
about it. Isn't the way it should be?

I also observed many men shirtless on the bus, and even
bus drivers shirtless. They don't have air conditioning in
most places and vehicles. Many men walked down the
streets with shirts over their shoulders, or just without. It
was so intriguing to me that this was so accepted, and
enjoyed as a way of life.
In Russia, the uniform for triathletes is less of everything,
including the shirt. Many men  just run and bike in their
speedos or swimsuit the entire time
There is a Round Table Pizza near where I live. I went
there the other day barefoot and shirtless. Not only was
able to enjoy my pizza, but also the clerk said she wished
taking her shirt off too! It was totally cool, and I felt totally
comfortable. I will definitely be going back.

I've been doing a fair amount of shirtlessness and
barefooting to grocery stores and food places this
summer. It's been very cool.

From Sacramento, US.
Have been for holidays at Mykonos, Greece. It's really
amazing: it seems  to be the shirtless paradise. Lots of
shirtless young guys, Greeks and people from all over
Europe and overseas, everybody goes  by motorbike
shirtless. They're also shirtless in the bus, supermarkets,
shops. I've never seen another place with so many
shirtless guys.
I go barefoot as long as the temperature is above 5║C
(from April to October) and shirtless during weekends and
holidays, if the temperature is above 15║C (May -
September). I have never had any troubles going barefoot
in shops, banks, post offices, fast food/pizza restaurants,
movie theaters or public transportation, and usually I have
no trouble going shirtless in most of these places.
I have also been on several week-long bike trips, where I
wore nothing more than shorts during the whole trip, and
had no trouble finding places to eat and to stay overnight.
During the summer months (June - August), shirtless
people are common sight on the streets of Copenhagen;
there are, however, not so many barefoot people

From Denmark.
I've been to a number of indoor malls shirtless and
barefoot, with no problems. A couple months ago I was in
the Plaza, in West Corvina, California, where I bought
some ice cream at Barkin Robbins near the food court.
Anyway, nobody said anything to me.

In 1988, I went shirtless and barefoot in a very upscale
mall in Scottsdale (which is now part of Fashion Square
Mall), where not even a security guard complained
about my clothing options, and smiled to me.

It all started once when I went shopping with my parents.
I remember seeing a shirtless teen at a local indoor mall,
and thought " wow, I'd like to do that".

From United States.
Today we had a glorious summer day in Sidney, with   temps around 30-35.║ C , blazing sunshine and no
wind. I spent the day in Cronulla Beach, 35 km
south of Sidney.

At around 2:00 pm, headed into Cronulla shopping
area, which was filled with other shirtless guys
shoppin or  having lunch. It was great to see many
late-teens and early 20's guys sitting  shirtless in

I visited some shops shirtless, such as: video store,
cafe, 3 thrift shops, 2 bookshops and a music store.
At most of them, I wasn┤t  the only  shirtless customer.
In the music store, there were 4 other shirtless guys.

From Cronulla, at around 4:00 pm, I went to an NRMA
office (one of Australia 's largest insurance
companies), still shirtless, and paid my annual car
I saw some shirtless guys besides me over the
weekend. I went to the grocery, Mac Donald's and
K Mart, blissfully shirtless and barefoot. It was fun,
and I didn't have any problem. It felt great to have
bare chest and feet! When I had an ice cream at
Baskin Robbins, saw another shirtless guy. It was

(From US).