Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil, is internationally known as one of the most beautiful places in the world, and believe me, its fame is well deserved! Marvellous beaches, hot and sunny days all year round, carnival and other festivals, people's joy, sense of humour and friendliness, all that makes this city an excellent place to go and, if possible, to live in.

Due to its environment, heat and open-mindedness, men going shirtless are a very  common sight there. In the neighbourhoods with beaches, a man can go out wearing only a speedo, and nobody cares. Although not so frequently as around the seaside, barechesters can be found in other places too, as you'll see here.

Going to parties is one of the favorite pastimes of cariocas (people born in Rio). Depending on the kind of event, men don´t  need to wear a shirt to enter and have fun. For instance, in most college celebrations and some clubs the guys wear  whatever they want: some don´t  carry any shirt, while others keep it around the waist or over one shoulder. Some of them wear just a speedo!

So, how do they dress ? The guys who enjoy being shirtless usually  put on pants (usually jeans) or brightly colored shorts, but over their chest, nothing or, sometimes, necklaces. They're very popular in many kinds of  parties, and are always surrounded by friends  and girls. Some  couples hug and kiss each other passionately in these celebrations.

In this website, you'll  meet a great deal of  these shirtless guys and will learn that in Rio, going shirtless is so fashionable  for men. Here will be featured the main events that are crowded with shirtless young men. After all, who said that men can go shirtless only in beaches and swimming-pools? In fact, most young men from Rio don´t miss a chance to feel comfortable and display their upper body in many occasions and places.
      Funk balls

1     2       3
      Bavaria Vibe

1     2      3

1      2      3
    Estácio de Sá

1     2     3

1     2    3           

      1      2      3

1     2     3

1    2     3
     Domingão da Elite

1  2  3

1       2      3

1        2       3
     Ilha dos Pescadores

           1       2       3
     Private parties

       1     2     3

1    2      3
      Sport Gool

1    2       3

       2       3
  Casarão do Bananal

1  2
Fancy-dress parties

1     2    3
Fundição Progresso
        1  2  3
        Pier Mauá
            1  2   3
          1  2  3 
     Universidade Candido
                    1  2   3
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