Shirtless Freedom Blog

      A great blog encouraging men to experience the freedom of going shirtless, and promoting acceptance of shirtless activities.
Meet Salman, the most happening star

That's the best site about this  Bollywood's movie star, featured at
Personalities section. Includes: lots of pictures, reports,video and audio  clips, movie reviews, polls, contests and links.


Features male body builders, displaying their physique and trading fitness  videos performed by them.
Surferider's Shirtless Athletes ... and *others

Contains great photos of shirtless men, mainly athletes and models.
Andrew Martinez

The best website about the "Naked Guy", featured in Shirtless
personalities. Contains great photos, an interview and additional

Society for Barefoot Living

As some barechesters are barefoters too (and vice-versa!), donīt let to  check this site dealing with many topics on barefooting, including some good pictures
European Shirtless Mens [sic]

That's a Yahoo group, joining many people interested in shirtlessness. There you may read and write messages on this theme,  exchanging  experiences and knowing  barechesters or supporters of this practice.

Incredible site containing dozens of photos of male celebrities (actors,  singers, models, athletes).
Rio Festa

Brazilian site containing lots of shirtless men' s pics taken in parties   held in Rio.
To see the photos, you should tell your e-mail in the section "Cadastre-se" (top left). After, go to the  menu: Click Festa (top middle), and search in the  listed events. For great  pics, click in "Arquivo" (file)  and choose parties such as: Dogões, Festa dos calouros, chopadas,Gnose, raves.
Rio Festa

Shirtless Bollywood Men

Features great pictures of Indian artists and models, including Salman  Khan.

Big site containing lots of photos of  shirtless runners.
Frank Sepe

The official site of one of the best  male models and bodybuiders  in the world. Features  autobiography and lots of great pictures.
Jeans Fashion

Learn how men should wear jeans.
Shirtless Challenge

A  good forum to exchange your shirtless experiences.
Mike B the Flea

See other pics and learn more about Flea, the musician who performs naked.


Enjoy shirtless pics of Brazilian actors

Bill Davey

The official site of this great model and bodybuider. Includes a detailed  autobiography and  exclusive photos.
Homens Bonitos

Stunning site (that means handsome men), containing dozens of pictures (many shirtless) of male celebs of all over the world: artists, athletes,  models and much more.
Cisoto Fotos: Latino Male Celebrity Skin

Features many shirtless pics of male celebrities from Brazil and other South American countries.
Shirtless Lifestyle

The best Yahoo forum about the practice of going shirtless. Includes  menīs experiences and photo albums.